Exceed DJ crew understands the diversity of an audience. We play all genres of music and cater for all age groups.

Our DJs have performed from First to 60th birthday parties,  Pub and all the way up to Ministry Of Sound Club. Genres we play include not only Hip hop, R&B, Club House, Old School and Pop, we also play Sinhalese Pop, Baila, Tamil, Hindi and Latin.

DJ Ashen

will keep your toes tapping with the latest grooves and blasts from the past. He  has a knack to adjust his music to the liking of the audience and talk to them and hype up the party

He morphs with the band splendidly when they play together.

Ashen also has experience playing at many clubs in London including Ministry of Sound.

DJ Sachin
is the new member of the crew.

DJ Ranil

is an experienced DJ who has played in Dubai along with DJ Ramly, has natural talent in understanding the atmosphere of the party and play to the crowd. He now plays at very high profile events in Colombo and also the official DJ with the Marians Band

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