Praveen Karunasena (PK)

Praveen is the anchor man who plays the guitar in Exceed and keeps the dance floor packed. He is a showman who sings and entertains the audience. PK's signature renditions are often copied by others.

Church choir, Schools'  Western and the Eastern bands were the start of Praveen’s musical life. Bands such as 'Sweat' and 'Classic' from Negombo, Sri Lanka were the main bands he performed in, while freelancing with others. He also toured Dubai with SEAC, along with Dileepa (now with Marian's) and few other popular artists. Praveen was a founding member of Exceed when they started in Sri Lanka in 1999 as a four-piece outfit.



Dileepa Fernando

He is the keyboard player of Exceed with an amazing musical talent. He can play Bass and Guitar, even better than Keyboards. Dileepa's singing and harmonizing talent is an asset to Exceed.

Dileepa started his music career in the UK as a rhythm guitarists of the band Sigiri. He joined the band in 2012 with the Peterite Dance. His diverse musical knowledge and vocal culture takes Exceed to far corners of the entertainment spectrum.

Isuru Warnakulasuriya

Keyboards and Sound engineering is a passion of Isuru who brings a new colour to the music of Exceed.

Ranmal Rodrigo

Ranmal Rodrigo started his music career playing esraj at Trinity College, Kandy. He was the president of the College Oriental music Orchestra and under his leadership they won several awards including The All Island Orchestra Competition in 1993/1994. Ranmal is also a talented violin and keyboard player. In his youth he also played keyboards for Tharuka, a popular band from Kandy that toured the Sri Lanka and backed artists such as Gunadasa Kapuge.

In August 2008 Ranmal organised the Marians concert, which was the biggest of its kind to have been organised in the UK.

Sanjeeva Wickramaratne (Sanj)

He is the Vocalist with the talent to woo Simon Cowell. Sanj has been with Exceed since they started as a full band. He has performed with many great Sri Lankan Artists and bands. Sanj had his calling, when Exceed required a strong Vocal line-up that is exquisite and diverse. He is widening his repertoire with more older Sinhalese hits to the newer English ones.




Romane Perera

 Romane is the eldest of three singing sensations. Playing the organ at church, while her and her sisters brought choral extravagance to the ears of the congregation, was the birth of her singing passion. Being the daughter of the late Neville Fernando, the owner of one biggest PA rigs in Sri Lanka in the 90's, Romane was no stranger to the music industry. 

She started performing at lobby’s at Hilton and Taj when she was 18. Romane is a very versatile singer whose has given Exceed the signature sound and character it's famous for.

Chaminda K

Being the drummer of Exceed, Chaminda, adds the rhythm and energy to the explosive entertainment provided by the band. His discipline and focus contributes to the tempo and the base of Exceed's musical structure.

Chaminda has been a respected drummer among the western music scene in Sri Lanka while playing for popular bands such as ASIA, EUROPA, and Zodiac. He was the drummer for ROO & Crew who toured with the pop music royals, Rookantha and Chandraleka.

Nipun Sam

Nipun is a diversely talented percussion player who has taken Exceed to another level. He plays an array of percussion instruments including Tabla and Dolki. His knowledge of electronic percussion instruments is an asset to Exceed.

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