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posted 27 Sept 2016, 06:21 by Exceed Webmaster

Inamul Hassan

posted 14 Oct 2013, 11:57 by Praveen Karunasena

Hi everyone..
I am a Wesleyite and I just enjoyed your performance yesterday.. wow it was amazing.. I enjoyed every single part of it..thank YOU... good luck with your upcoming events...and i hope that you will succeed with your events ..

Desmond De Silva - King of Baila

posted 5 Apr 2010, 06:15 by Praveen Karunasena

Dear Bloggers,
I have had the musical pleasure of working with the Band Exceed on several occassions in London. I have listened and watched them blossom into a SHOW BAND and in my opinion the best Sri Lankan
outfit doing the London circuit.Their ability to create a special sound whilst admittedly doing covers should make the composers of the said covers happy.I worked with EXCEED at the IMPERIAL COLLEGE SRI LANKAN STUDENTS ASSOCIATION annual dinner dance in February 2010 which co-incidentally was my last performance in the UK.The band Exceed exceeded themselves that
night and I saw a flawless and seamless performance by them and the backing they gave Damian and myself showed the true class of musicianship they possess.

It must be said that all the members of the band hold responsible full time jobs, and to perform at this level shows the dedication and the drive they all possess to function with such proffessionalism.I have been in show biz for the last 47 years and  it was an experience working with EXCEED I will treasure. I have now relocated to Australia after 24 years in the United Kingdom, I will miss the London scene and everything that goes with it.

Warmest regards from sunny Sydney.
Desmond De Silva

Mariazelle Goonatillake - Kandy Lamissi Queen of Baila

posted 5 Apr 2010, 06:10 by Praveen Karunasena   [ updated 7 Sept 2010, 03:26 ]

"Exceed - the musical outfit generating waves of excitement in UK"

“I had the pleasure of working with Exceed at weddings and the Old Thomians Association – UK Branch dinner dance 2010 and, in my opinion - they exceed all other Sri Lankan bands in the UK.

They are friendly. dedicated, motivated, and talented and are absolutely cooperative when providing backing music for visiting guest artistes, an unseen and rare quality among musicians these days. 

I have known Praveen for some time and am proud that the young man I picked out to voice a jingle for Edna chocolates has blossomed into the showman he is today.

Exceed is blessed with gifted members and although not full time musicians,  their contribution to make their band better than the rest is commendable. Their attention to detail such as the sound they produce is another key to their success.

During my 42 year career I have had the privilege of working with some of the best musicians and Exceed certainly exceeds!

Good luck guys!

May you grow from strength to strength and looking forward to performing with you again - no hesitation about that!

Mariazelle Goonetilleke

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