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Aundre Martinesz (Vala)

Aundre is a creative composer song writer who brings energy and enthusiasm to the band with his creative arrangements and acts. Being multi-talented he plays the guitar, keyboards, and the Trumpet, He is fantastic on the bass guitar which he now plays in the band . Aundre started his music career in Sri Lanka with 'Siyathra' in Negombo and he is well known by his fans as "Shaggy" for his performance on Sri Lankan National television which astonished audiences around the country with his song "Angel" . He then joined Exceed in Sri Lanka when Praveen moved to the UK. After an year with them he, too moved to the UK and started  Exceed Duo in the UK, with Praveen. Current concept of a fully fledged dance band has been Aundre's dream.



   Alwyn Martinesz (Leon)

Our very own Brian Adams. He mesmerizes audiences with his voice and good looks. Alwyn has taken part in many talent competitions however Exceed is his first appearance as a professional musician. He has a natural feel to rock ballards and the perssonality to go with it. He plays the guitar and percussions when the need arises.